Development status and trend analysis of power equipment industry



Electrical equipment is a general term for generators, transformers, power lines, circuit breakers and other equipment in the power system. Its important role in our life and production cannot be ignored. It brings us great convenience and becomes our production important energy in life.





In recent years, China's power industry has developed rapidly, and technology and management have made great progress. For example, UHV technology and supercritical technology have reached the world's advanced level, and the level of planning, construction, and operation, maintenance and management has been greatly improved.

The power equipment manufacturing industry is one of the most important sub-sectors of the machinery industry, and the total industry assets account for nearly 1/4 of the entire machinery industry.





Development Status of Power Equipment

With the development of infrastructure construction and power and energy investment, the demand for complete sets of electrical equipment in my country has increased year by year, the speed of product upgrading has accelerated, the number of models has increased, the technical performance has been significantly improved, and the production equipment and processing technology have been significantly improved. Similar products have higher cost performance and service advantages, and domestic brands have taken a dominant position in the domestic market competition. In recent years, the industry has been under great pressure under the national economy. In the face of the big environment, the development of the entire electrical industry is relatively stable.

Data shows that the domestic market space for low-voltage electrical appliances is more than 80 billion yuan, of which the mid-to-high-end market is 40 billion yuan. At present, foreign investors such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, etc. are the main ones, and import substitution continues.




The construction of 5G and IDC in the communication industry opens up incremental space for low-voltage electrical appliances. It is estimated that the cumulative demand for low-voltage electrical appliances in 5G base stations in the next four years is 7 billion+, and the IDC market space is 1-2 billion, maintaining rapid growth.



Development Trend of Power Equipment

The intelligentization of electrical complete sets of equipment has gradually become an important trend in the development of the industry.

1. In recent years, with the development of computer technology, data processing technology, information sensing technology, communication and data storage technology, power electronic technology, etc. and the integration of various sciences, the skill of electrical complete sets of equipment has gradually become an industry development. important trends. Intelligent complete sets of equipment make the protection, control, monitoring and measurement of the entire power distribution system centralized. The automation of distribution network is realized, which lays the foundation for wide-area monitoring and diagnosis system, and ensures the safe, reliable and economical operation of the power system.




2. The intelligent upgrading and transformation of the distribution network has greatly increased the intelligent upgrading and transformation of electrical complete sets of equipment. At present, in the domestic power grids at all levels, the infrastructure construction of the distribution network is the weakest.

In the past, due to insufficient investment in distribution network, aging equipment and poor technical performance, many high-energy-consuming equipment, and high power loss rate, the loss of distribution network in general areas was 15% to 20%, and it reached 30% in some areas, resulting in a lot of energy waste and energy loss. Environmental pollution, especially the problem of rural power grid, is more prominent.




However, in recent years, the state has increased investment in the distribution network, the pace of intelligent transformation of the distribution network has accelerated, and the intelligentization of electrical complete sets of equipment has become a trend.




3. The market demand for electrical equipment is broad. One of the main applications of electrical complete sets of equipment is the control and protection of power systems. Therefore, the power industry is a direct consumption industry for electrical complete sets of equipment. market demand.

Factors Affecting the Development of Electrical Equipment Enterprises

1. Economic environment

Electrical equipment enterprises are greatly affected by the economic environment. When the economic situation is good, the social demand for energy such as electricity will increase, and the demand for electrical equipment will also increase accordingly, thus expanding the market for electrical equipment enterprises.

2. Relevant national policies

The electrical equipment manufacturing industry is a policy-driven industry. Electricity is a social public utility and is greatly affected by national policies. Any change in the policy will have a guiding impact on it.

At the same time, electrical equipment manufacturers are also closely related to power grid planning. The intelligence, miniaturization, high safety and reliability of complete sets of equipment, green environmental protection is the inevitable trend of its development. The competition in the future is international competition. In order to get a share of the big trend of competition, electrical equipment companies must produce products that conform to social development trends, and complete the design and production direction of complete sets of equipment.