Connection method of air switch in low-voltage switch cabinet



1. When the surface-mounted switchgear is installed on the wall, it should be fixed with open-footed bolts (expansion bolts). Plus a "headroom" of about 5mm. For smaller switch cabinets, wood bricks can also be pre-buried at the installation site (buried according to the positions of the four corners of the switch cabinet or distribution board), and then use wood screws to fix the switch cabinet or distribution board at the wood bricks.

2. Concealed low-voltage switchgear, the switchgear is embedded in the wall, the reserved holes should be about 20mm larger than the length and width of the switchgear when building the wall, and the reserved depth is the thickness of the switchgear plus the plastering on the inner wall of the hole. thickness. When burying the switch cabinet, the box body can be fixed by filling concrete between the box body and the wall.

3. The switchgear should be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, and the vertical deviation should not be greater than 3mm; when installing concealed, there should be no gaps around the switchgear, the edges of the panel should be close to the wall, and the contact part of the box with buildings and structures should be Apply anti-corrosion paint.

4. For the screw fuse installed in the switch cabinet, the power line should be connected to the terminal of the intermediate contact, and the load line should be connected to the screw terminal. In this way, there will be no electric shock when loading and unloading the fuse. Porcelain plug-in fuses should be installed vertically.

5. The AC, DC or power supplies of different voltage levels in the low-voltage switchgear should have obvious signs. In the lighting switch cabinet, the neutral line (N line) and the protection neutral line (PE line) should be set up respectively.

6. When the wire is drawn out of the panel, the panel hole should be smooth and free of burrs, and the metal panel should be equipped with an insulating protective cover. The metal shell switch cabinet shell must be grounded reliably (connected to zero).

The above is the introduction of the low-voltage switchgear connection method. Only after we understand the switchgear connection method can we install the switchgear well, and can obtain the power supply and use it well. Damage caused by wrong connection of switchgear.