What is the reason for the unstable operation of high-voltage switchgear equipment?



The summer heat is unbearable. Many white-collar workers who work in the office do not go out to order takeout at noon. For those who are working in the factory workshop, the company will provide drinks and ice water to relieve the heat, and the electricity consumption has increased by 2-3 compared to usual. Times, electricity is very important at this time, and the power cannot be cut off. Due to the lack of management, the operation of the high-voltage switchgear equipment is unstable, and there is a sound of stopping work. What is the reason:

1. The unstable operation of the product is that the power consumption is overloaded, and the transformer can no longer bear it. The original capacity is 1000kva, and now it needs 900kva. The running time is long, and the power consumption is not enough, and there will be unstable situations. It is necessary to increase the consumption in time. Battery, unstable situation will get better.

2. The unstable operation of the high-voltage switchgear is caused by inferior components. In order to pay attention to cheapness, the cost of purchasing makes the manufacturer continue to reduce the price. The quality of the components given by the manufacturer will be very poor, and the customer wants to buy the cost, but I do not know that the product fails continuously. It is easy for the product to stop working, don't pay attention to cheap, and the cost is moderate.

3. The unstable operation of the product is the reason for seldom maintenance. Because of the busy processing of high-voltage switchgear equipment and other electrical equipment, the power distribution room is rarely visited, there is no dust removal, and no air conditioning is installed. How can there be no faults? Strengthen inspection And maintenance, electrical products can be used for a long time, product processing will not be affected.

High-voltage switchgear equipment is very important. If it is not maintained, the operation will be unsatisfactory. Once it cannot work, it will cost money to buy it, and it will also be deceived. Stable and reliable.