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KYN28-12(24) Indoor AC Metal Armoured Removable Switchgear

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Summary: Specializing in the research and development, design, manufacture, processing, sales and installation of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, it is a professional manufacturer of smart grids, high voltage ring network cabinets, medium and low voltage switchgear A high-tech enterprise of electrical products such as cable trays, charging piles, and smart meters.

Keywords: switchgear, distribution box, ring network cabinet


KYN28-12 metal armored removable switchgear is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, 7.2-12kV single bus segmented power system, used to receive and distribute electric energy and control, protect and monitor the circuit. The switchgear conforms to IEC-298, GB3906, DL404 and other standards.



Fully metal armored and closed, can effectively prevent the accident from spreading. The low-voltage part and the high-voltage part are completely isolated.

The protection level reaches IP4X after the door is closed, which can effectively prevent the human body and external solids from approaching the charged body and moving parts, ensuring personal safety and reliable operation of the equipment.

The cable room has ample space for easy installation and maintenance of cables

Five-proof interlock is simple and reliable, and can effectively prevent misoperation

Vacuum circuit breaker is maintenance-free

The handcart has good interchangeability and is very convenient to replace the circuit breaker

Configure advanced relay protection device to realize power system automation

Fully assembled structure, beautiful appearance, high machining accuracy

Reliable wall installation and small footprint

The double-sided maintenance solution is convenient, practical and reliable

The handcart room, busbar room and cable room are all equipped with pressure release channels, which can ensure personal safety and prevent accidents from expanding when arcing occurs due to faults.

Use environment:

Altitude (m) not exceeding 1000m 

Maximum temperature (ºC) +40 

Minimum temperature (ºC) -10 

Maximum relative humidity monthly average (+25ºC) 90% 

Maximum daily average relative humidity 95% 

Seismic resistance not exceeding 8 degrees 

Maximum temperature difference (ºC) 25 

A place free from fire, explosion hazard, severe pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration

The above are the normal conditions of use. If the user exceeds the above conditions, they can make an order, and we can order according to special requirements.

Technical parameters:

Rated Voltage:                     7.2  12KV

1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS):        32/42kV

Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak):          60/75kV

Rated Frequency:                    50Hz

Main busbar rated current:              4000A

Rated current of main circuit:              4000A

3s rated short-time withstand current:            40kA

Rated peak withstand current:            100kA

Enclosure protection class:                IP4X      The partitions of each compartment are IP2X

Dimensions (W*D*H):          800mm(650mm,1000mm)*1500mm*2200mm





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