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The trough type bridge

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Summary: Specializing in the research and development, design, manufacture, processing, sales and installation of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, it is a professional manufacturer of smart grids, high voltage ring network cabinets, medium and low voltage switchgear A high-tech enterprise of electrical products such as cable trays, charging piles, and smart meters.

Keywords: switchgear, distribution box, ring network cabinet


The trough type bridge is a fully enclosed bridge. Suitable for laying computer cable, communication cable, thermocouple cable and other high sensitive system control cables. It has a good effect on the shield of the control cable and the protection of the cable in the heavy corrosion environment.


Product introduction:

The 180 degree arc edge: 180 degree arc edge scratches in the cable laying cable, and can enhance the strength of the bridge structure.

The 270 degree arc edge by a roll forming process, 300mm Bridge side edge is of a 2700 state roll arc, avoid scratch cable cable, especially in the cable is pulled out, does not damage the cable crimping. The production speed is fast, and the structure is more beautiful.

Cover reinforcement: using molds and hydraulic proprietary to 300mm above the wide bridge pressing reinforcement, prevent deformation in hot galvanizing or cover the shipment process, the standard length of 2-3 meters.



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